Here you find references to books on macro, links related to macro and matlab.

You can find information about my teaching (Macroeconomic and Business Cycles) at my teaching page.

My suggestion - online and free publications:

Business Cycles Data for Germany
Monthly Bull of the ECB ... and of the Buba
Quar Rep Euro Area (EUCom)
ECFin Forecast (with statistical app) ... Ameco
EC Economic Indicators
World Economic Outlook
Quarterly and Annual Report of BIS
EIA International

Macro and Matlab

Here you can download software (in matlab) for Econometrics and Computational Macro

This is a platform where you can grub for matlab programs.
Mathworks File Exchange
Solving Rational Expectation Models by Dynare.
QZ for solving Linear Rational Expectation Macro Models
Paul Klein
2nd order Rational Expectation Macro Models
Thomas Sargent and Lars Hansen offer matlab programs.
Thomas Sargent
Matlab Toolbox for time series.
MFE Toolbox
Econometrics Toolbox: by James P. LeSage

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