Paul Söderlind's Software Page
Peter Ireland's Papers and many nice matlab code
Financial and other Econometrics Matlab Code
Rockinger and Jondeau
Matlab program files for Stochastics Differential Equations and Probability.
Craig L. Zirbel
You find numerous papers and three books.
Ray Fair
A toolkit for analyzing nonlinear economic dynamic models easily: MATLAB programs.
Uhlig'S Toolkit
The toolbox for Fackler and Miranda
Christopher Sims

These are a lot of good text books. Here is a list of textbooks (in alphabetic order) I like to work with: Heijdra Foundations of modern macroeconomics, Heer & Maussner Dynamic General Equilibrium Modelling, Obstfeld & Rogoff Foundations of International Macro, G. Mankiw Macroeconomics, Sargent & Ljungqvist Recursive Macroeconomic Theory, Walsh Monetary Theory and Policy.

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